Gualini Nrittya :-

It is our traditional Culture. Krishna is the Son of Kshatrio King Basudeva and Doibake. All Gualini of Gokul addicted to love affairs with Krishna and built Brindaban of love in the Universe. On hearing the love legendary Princess Rukshini of this land fell in love with Krishna and she appeal through letter of Geet Nritya to have Krishna as her husband. Getting the letter of love from Rukshini Krishna wed her. Since that time Gualini Nrittya has been Prevalent as a Geet in this ancient land. Today the dream the society of woman to have the Prince as husband has been coming traditionally. Sometimes this dream comes into reality. Describing Prince as Kanai through activities ground mothers call adult girls through - geet Nrittya.

Gualini Goalini Hatia Aiso Dhire.
Aji Rajar Beta Kanaiyare.
Ai Tok Kanebare Dakaichhe.



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