Kushan Nrittya :-

Traditional national Nrittya of our Cooch Behar State is Kushan. During Treta Yug Lab-Kush Sang Song on horse sacrifice by Lord Ram Chandra. Then Lob-Kush got back their birth right and identity of own dynasty which they had lost. As Kush Sang this first Ramayana Song and so it is Called Kushan. During Kali Yug this Song is again Sung in the holy Place of Lord Hari during the reign of King Kanteswar . in Change of Yug Hereditary King is Changed, name of Country is Changed but Kushan Song remains unchanged. To day at the end of Kali and at the beginning of true Yug we are firm determined to restore our identity of own dynasty, honourity, Socio-economic land.



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