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Camp – Birala House”
Malabar Hill
Bombay, 11th Sep, 1949/

From Minister, Home
To Sri Nanjappa,
Chief Commissioner of Cooch Behar.



On the handing over of Cooch Behar to Central administration I send to its people my best wishes and assurance on behalf of the Govt. of India that though far, their interest welfare will claim our close and intimate attention, I am fully aware of the many problems, political and economical which effect the State and I am confident that with their co-operation we would success in solving them in the best interest of the State and the country for their happiness and prosperity, unity and mutual adjustment between the constituent elements, of the population are essential prerequisites without this such resources and personnel as we may be able to spare forthem would avail little.

I hope therefore, that the people of Cooch Behar will work with single mindedness and devotion to duty as a united team for their own betterment and to achieve their due place in the political and administrative set-up of India.

Sd/Sardar Vallavhvai Patel Home Minister of India. (Token from Patel’s Correspondence 1945-55, Compiled by Durga Das. Vol. No- 7 Page No- 553)

In reference to the above letter Sent by Sardar Ballabhvai Patel, Home Minister of India G.C.P.A is formed / formulated.



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