Bishahari or Saitore Bishahari Nritya:-

There was once a marcent named Chand Sadagar in our land amongst Rajbanshi Community. His youngest Son was Lakshindar. Behula was Lakshindar’s wife. There was once quarrel in between Bishahari and Chand Sadagar regarding worship as a result Bishahari become his animy and Snatches his asset, Saptadinga and lives of his all Sons. Sadagar was the best devotee of Lord Shiva and Bishahari was the daughter of Shiva. After wards quarrels in between the two settled before Lord Shiva. And then Bishahari gave back his all asset and lives of all Sons to Sadagar. Then Chand Sadagar worship Bishahari with his left hand. Because Sadagar Says – “ Je Hate Pojong Mui Devashulpani Shai hate Na Pojang Mui Kani Bishahari”



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